Farmhouse in Gulberg Greens D Block, Islamabad

The design of this Farmhouse incorporates our south Asian tradition of courtyard houses into a contemporary form. Culturally the typology of courtyard houses suits our lifestyles more than bungalow styles borrowed from the west.

Moreover, this type of architecture is also more suitable for our weather conditions as a courtyard with a water feature creates a microclimate that keeps us cool in summers, while its encapsulating shape protects us from cold winds in the winter. Our contemporary courtyard house design also reintroduces an inside-out way of life where the daily routine was more in tune with nature, whether it was the time of the day, the shade of the trees, or the proximity to flora and fauna around us.

This contemporary design juxtaposes straight lines and large windows into a traditional building type to make the best use of daylight. The client had specific requirements to make independent units for family members within the farmhouse while still keeping plenty of common entertainment space such as a swimming pool and gym. Therefore it protects the independence of nuclear family units while keeping the extended family together.